“Chengdu” – New Story in Two Hawks Quarterly

My new short story “Chengdu” is out now in Two Hawks Quarterly.

Jimmy Chiang drives west on the 10 freeway, over the 405. His stepdaughter is in the backseat. She is seven years old. Her name is Scharlene.

Scharlene says: Where’s daddy?

Jimmy doesn’t want to tell her where her father really is. But Jimmy also doesn’t want to lie to her about where her father is…


Thank you Deborah Lott and the wonderful staff and students of Antioch University LA Undergraduate Studies (UGS).

Categorized as Writing

By Pete Hsu

Author of THERE IS A MAN (Tolsun Books) and IF I WERE THE OCEAN, I'D CARRY YOU HOME (Red Hen Press, 2022)

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