photoPeter is not actually a robot or a drummer. He’s a regular human. And a writer.

The Robot Drummer is his novel/post-apocalyptic drinking manual that was almost finished, but ended up being put aside in December of 2014 to give it some “room to breath.” This blog is posthumously named after that book.

In the meantime, Peter wrote a new novel called Schlongky Kong — an Asian American Christian sex comedy about Scharlene Kong, a 24-year-old college dropout in a punk rock cover band who’s in love with her bi-leaning-gay best friend, Leon Tso. They’re on a road trip to Vegas to play at her ex-boyfriend’s wedding, but along the way they’ve picked up Wane Wang, a would-be criminal mastermind who needs a ride. As can be expected, trouble ensues…

A self-contained scene from Schlongky Kong was featured as a short story called “A Penny Short” in AAWW’s The Margins.

But alas Schlongky Kong too was put aside to “breathe” after its second draft.

Peter’s current project is a short story collection titled: Sit. Drink Beer. Smoke Smoking Smoke.

For those interested, Peter’s official bio: Peter H.Z. Hsu is a Los Angeles based fiction writer. He is a 2017 PEN Center USA Emerging Voices Fellow, as well as the 2017 Artist in Residence for PEN in the Community. His short story “From the Roof of the Henry Vaughn Hotel” won F(r)iction Magazine’s Spring 2017 Short Story Contest. Peter’s other stories have appeared or are forthcoming in The Los Angeles Review, Flapperhouse, Pinball Literary Magazine, among others. He is the associate fiction editor for Angels Flight * literary west.

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