Mission Concept nominated for Braddock Avenue Books 2018 Best Small Fiction Anthology

FLAPPERHOUSE has nominated “Mission Concept”, from the Summer 2017 issue, for inclusion in the 2018 Best Small Fictions Anthology!
The other nominees are:

“Picnic” by A. E. Weisgerber (560 words), from the Spring 2017 issue.

“Left Behind” by Kaj Tanaka (512 words), from the Summer 2017 issue.

“Drought” by Kim Coleman Foote (390 words), from the Fall 2017 issue.

and “X-Ray” by Rosie Adams (474 words), from the Winter 2018 issue.

Thank You, Joe & everyone at FLAPPERHOUSE!

Telling Our Story; A PEN in the Community Reading

PEN in the Community‘s 2017 residency at Fairfax High School cumulated with a public reading at the Greenway Theater in Mid-City Los Angeles. Students from Fairfax High School took the stage with writers from the Freda Mohr Senior Center to read their short stories and poems that they’d written over the course of the semester. Teaching artists in residence, Peter H.Z. Hsu and Shawna Kenney, were also in attendance, along with Fairfax High teacher J.C. Miller and program designer Chris Terry.

Photos by Charles Day


Chris Terry shares stories and advice at Fairfax High


Peter Hsu and J.C. Miller have a chat before the show


Writers and teachers from “Telling Our Story”!

F(r)iction No.9 Available Now for Pre-Order

F(r)iction Issue No.9, featuring my short story “From the Roof of The Henry Vaughn Hotel” is now available for pre-order from Tethered By Letters. No.9 is all about obsessions: Obsessions with love, death, sex, alternate realities, and the ideal Tinder date.

No.9 features:

  • Special Feature with Lambda Literary
  • And Much More!



Final Reading for PITC Residency

PEN in the Community‘s Teaching Artist in Residency at Fairfax High School

Pete’s freshmen creative writing workshop published their anthology and had their public reading on Friday December 1st at the Greenway Theater in Mid-City LA. 30 students worked with Pete and authors Chris Terry, Shawna Kenney, and Chiwan Choi to produce over 30 pieces of short fiction and poetry based on Chris Terry’s “Foreign Americans” curriculum.

From the anthology introduction:

Stories about being from LA and growing up here, and also being from somewhere else, and also about going somewhere else, in the U.S. or the world or the beyond. Stories about being a stranger in a strange land, and hating it, or loving it; losing your way, or finding your way. Stories about the journey. And stories about the destination.



The PITC Writer in Residence program is a generative writing workshop that takes place in a classroom, community center, nonprofit organization, shelter, or reservation over the course of 6 to 12 weeks. Written work collected during the residency is published by PEN Center USA in PITC anthologies, which are windows into participants’ lives—their struggles, hopes, and experiences. PITC teaching artists are selected from PEN Center USA’s diverse membership to best match the needs of the community where they will teach. An interested writer may also apply to become a PITC teaching artist and subsequently become a PEN Center USA member. All PITC teaching artists must also be PEN Center USA members.

Reading at LA Lit Crawl 2017

I’ll be reading at the Lit Crawl with my friends from the Blue Hour: Lily Anne Harrison, Matt Buga, Chris Lee, and Zora Ellis. This Wednesday 10/25 at 845PM at Big Wangs on Lankershim.


Stop by, have a beer, and hear some cool stories!!!

Need suggestions for the rest of the night? I’ll be at:

Round One; 700PM: The Dimes | Death and Other Funny Stories

At: Pit re Pizza Patio, 5211 Lankershim Blvd. Featuring: Marnie Goodfriend, Jian Huang, Wendy Labinger, Natalie Lima.


Round Two; 800PM: Las Lunas Locas | Las Lunas Locas Present: The Womyn Showed Up and It Worked

At Holistic Tattoo and True Earth Juicery & Vegan Cafe 11042/11044 W. Magnolia Blvd. Featuring: Christina Chavez, Emily Fernandez, Kay Garcia, Sabrina Im, Jasmine Iraheta, Laura Serme- no, Diane Tirado.

Pete to Read at Tuesday Night Project with Bitter Party & others

Tuesday Night Project presents:
The 1st & 3rd Tuesday Night Cafe
The Home Show

Now the oldest Asian American mic series in the country, TNC highlights new work in visual and performing arts from the Los Angeles and Asian American artistic community in Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo. Join us for our 19th season at one of the longest running free public arts series in Los Angeles.


Peter H Z Hsu
Jennifer Moon
– Naaz Diwan
Bitter Party

and The Open Mic

Hosted by: Genevieve Erin O’Brien & Tanzila Ahmed
Beats by: DJ Traktivist

“Mission Concept” nominated for 2017 Best of the Net


“Mission Concept” was nominated by Flapperhouse for Sundress Publications’ 2017 Best of the Net. “Mission Concept” was originally published in Flapperhouse Issue #14. Flapperhouse’s other nominees are: Monica Lewis for her poem “artemis” and Deirdre Coyle for her short story “How to Vomit Living Creatures.

Huge thanks to Joe O’Brien, Stephen Langlois, and everyone at Flapperhouse for this honor. I’m truly humbled that my story stood out to you all enough to recommend it.