There Is A Man

THERE IS A MAN, Stories by Pete Hsu

Available from TOLSUN Books $10.00 

Paperback. 48 pages. January 12th, 2021. ISBN 9781948800426

From the publisher:

In these stories, a second-amendment utopia, multiple realities of grief and joy, and a space-traveler’s alienation from his family cross at the intersection of absurdity and emotional truth. There is a Man is austere and bold, tender and violent, as American as bump stocks and apple pie. Pete Hsu is the new satirist on the cul-de-sac, and he’s watching us all.”

Praise for THERE IS A MAN: 

“Hilarious and inventive, Pete Hsu is one of the most dazzlingly imaginative new voices in literature.” – J. Ryan Stradal,  author of The Lager Queen of Minnesota

“These stories startled me with their boldness. Experimenting with voice and form, Pete Hsu’s writing is by turns, funny and disturbing, thought-provoking and deeply felt. His work found its way into my head first, and then my heart.” – Charles Yu, National Book Award winner for his novel Interior Chinatown 

“A wildly ambitious writer, obsessed with possibilities, and working in a genre all his own.” – Ben Loory, author of Tales of Falling and Flying

Press for THERE IS A MAN:

Q&A with Chinyere Nwodim: “Pete Hsu’s new, experimental fiction chapbook, THERE IS A MAN, bends reality at the intersection of satire, family drama and ’80s alternative rock. An excerpt, plus a Q&A with the author and PEN America Emerging Voices Fellow Chinyere Nwodim on writing, reading and the value of unconventional choices.”

Reviewed by Jaclyn Morken in F(r)iction Magazine: “Sharp and ingeniously layered. That is, quite simply, how I would summarize Pete Hsu’s arresting debut, There is a Man. The three short stories in this fiction chapbook experiment with narrative style and structure in ways I have never experienced before, bringing such a subtle yet powerful dynamic to the whole work.”

Featured in UCLA Writer’s Program “Success Stories”: “Long time Writers’ Program student, Pete Hsu, recently released There Is a Man, his chapbook-length story collection with Tolsun Books. There Is a Man is an austere, bold, tender, and violent series of experimental short stories that Writers’ Program instructor Ben Loory calls, wildly ambitious, obsessed with possibilities, and working in a genre all (its) own.”

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