“Astronauts” in SAGA Literary Journal, Volume Four: May 2019

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Douglas is drawn to the illumination, the other man’s face framed by the police truck’s spotlights like a halo. I don’t know this man, he thinks. He could kill me. He could help me. And I don’t know him. And I never will.

LAR-Website-Logo.jpg“Pieces”in The Los Angeles Review: March 2018

Penny pulls the trigger. It’s soft and doesn’t click. But in her head, Pow. Pow. Pow…



“Mission Concept” in Flapperhouse Year Four Anthology

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He looks at his hand, still on her cheek. His hand is grey and dry like bone. His hand looks like a dead person’s hand, like a ghost hand. He says, No…


“From the Roof of The Henry Vaughn Hotel” in F(r)iction, Issue 9: Winter 2017

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“Mission Concept” inFLAPPERHOUSE: Issue 14, Summer 2017

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Sometimes the astronaut is an import-export guy, the father of two. A guy who, when he returns, he sometimes checks into a motel and pretends that he’s still away…


“There Are No More Secrets On Planet Earth” in Your Impossible Voice: Issue 14, May 2017

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Every secret ever lied about, covered up, buried, or repressed is now available for all to see, or is in the process of becoming available for all to see. The entire history of Earth, viewable by anyone with a $10,000/week subscription to Ectoscope™…

“Asleep For Days” in F(r)iction: April 2017

I look at my hands, which now have matching bullet holes in them. I think that this must have religious significance. I tell my dad to call the Vatican. He calls an ambulance instead…



submit-header.jpg“The Gift” in Pinball Literary Magazine: Issue 11, November 2016

You were a nice kid. Dad babied you in a way that he didn’t with me. You wanted a kitten; he let you. Your favorite color was pink; no problem… 


“A Penny Short” in The Margins: March 2016

I left them both at the wedding reception. The best man was toasting the groom by listing all the women he’d given up for his new bride, and I’d had about enough… 




Reviews & Interviews

ChrisTerryauthor_book_feature-imageQ&A with Chris L. Terry

Angels Flight * literary west, August 2019

Chris L. Terry’s new, acclaimed novel, BLACK CARD, presents a stirring examination of racial identity in America as its unnamed narrator is a young, mixed-race man who longs to earn his “black card,” but soon finds it comes with an acute and systemic vulnerability to racism. An excerpt, followed by a Q&A between the author and AFLW Fiction Editor Pete Hsu.

imageQ&A with Aatif Rashid

Angels Flight * literary west, April 2019

In his recently released novel, PORTRAIT OF SEBASTIAN KHAN, writer Aatif Rashid creates a uniquely beautiful, compelling and contemporary Muslim-American coming-of-age story. An excerpt plus a Q&A between the author and AFLW Fiction Editor Pete Hsu about character development, themes exploring ongoing gender and racial-political issues and a new kind of POC narrative.