“Asleep For Days” published today in F(r)online


Pete’s short story “Asleep For Days” was published today in F(r)online, the online imprint of F(r)iction Magazine.

“Asleep For Days” is a pseudo-utopic 2nd-amendment after-life love story. In other words, it’s weird.

Here’s an excerpt:

Day 7

I’m at home, cleaning my gun. I unintentionally fire a bullet. The bullet goes through my hand, through my dad’s television set, through the wall, through my neighbor’s wall and into my neighbor’s house. In that house a baby is nursing in her mother’s arms. As the bullet makes its way to the baby, the baby draws her gun and fires twice at my bullet.

One of the baby’s bullets hits my bullet and knocks it off its path.

Her other bullet travels through the wall and back into my house, striking my other hand. I look at my hands, which now have matching bullet holes in them.

I think that this must have religious significance.

I tell my dad to call the Vatican.

He calls an ambulance instead.

F(r)iction Magazine is the brainchild of a ragtag team of editors, artists, and writers, F(r)iction is experimental. F(r)iction is strange. F(r)iction pokes the soft spots, touches nerves most would rather remain protected. F(r)iction is secrets and truths and most importantly—stories. F(r)iction is weird, in every respect. Support F(r)iction HERE



Categorized as Writing

By Pete Hsu

Author of THERE IS A MAN (Tolsun Books) and IF I WERE THE OCEAN, I'D CARRY YOU HOME (Red Hen Press, 2022)


  1. This was one of the best modern short stories I have read in a long time. I am grateful to the person who wrote it, and the guts of the editor who chose to run it. There isn’t enough like this out there. There isn’t enough guts. There isn’t enough heart.

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